Why Users Ditching Their Current Big Screen iPhone For iPhone SE

When Apple only made a small iPhone, people want a bigger screen iPhone. So, Apple introduced 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone. People love it so much, and it attracted Android users too. In their latest move, Apple introduces a 4-inch iPhone SE with a design similar to iPhone 5 and 5S again.

Why people like iPhone SE - 1

Some people said it would be a massive failure for Apple because of its similarity. But it seems consumers love the new iPhone SE because they start ditching their bigger screen iPhone for this new smaller size iPhone. But why users ditch their current big screen iPhone for iPhone SE? Watch the following video:


Unboxing iPhone SE video:

Maybe the customers are being hypnotized by Apple. It is because Apple team are excellent at selling their old new iPhone SE by having some key features attracting existing and new customers.

iPhone SE review video:


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