What’s Apple Products Coming In 2016?

What can we expect coming in 2016 from Apple?


Apple Watch 2

When: Early 2016

Rumors: improve sensors, thinner device, FaceTime camera, operate independently without iPhone

iPhone 6c

When: Early 2016

Rumors: 4-inch display, 2GB RAM and A9 chip found in iPhone 6s, larger battery than iPhone 5s but less than iPhone 6s, storage capacity starts from 16GB, aluminum with multiple options color body, no 3D Touch

iPad Air 3

When: Early to Mid 2016

Rumors: no strong rumors yet but expect improves RAM and chip and storage capacity, no 3D Touch due to manufacturing difficulties on larger screen

Macbook Air

When: Early to Mid 2016

Rumors: still be part of Macbook product lineup along with Macbook 12-inch and Macbook Pro, slimmer chassis, bigger screens, 11-inch screen will be phased out, new Intel Skylake chip

Macbook 12-Inch

When: Early to Mid 2016

Rumors: Updated with second generation Intel Core M chip, faster CPU performance, longer battery life up to 10 hours, 40 percent faster graphic performance, new Rose Gold color option.

Macbook Pro With Retina Display

When: Early to Mid 2016

Rumors: no strong rumors yet but expect Broadwell or latest Skylake Intel processor, slimmer body, improved Retina display

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

When: Late 2016

Rumors: redesign external chassis, slimmer, hidden antenna, improved processor, better camera, storage capacity starting from 32GB with the price of 16GB, waterproof, in-cell display, removal headphone jack with Lightning port only


When: Late 2016

Rumors: high-end model might use Skylake Intel processor and lower end might use Broadwell chip, non-Retina display for 21.5-inch display will be taken out


(Summarized from MacRumors)