The Upcoming iPhone 7 Will Feature Dual Camera For Better Photos

The upcoming iPhone 7 will have a dual camera for better photo according to the latest rumors. Apple previously had bought Linx camera tech firm and since then they are developing dual camera system for high-quality photos. It is not possible the photo quality is the same as photo captured using DSLR cameras.


The dual camera system is expected to come with the high-end Phone 7 Plus. It is because it will have a higher price tag than the single camera. It will be one of Apple premium products. Starting from iPhone 6, Apple is now focusing their effort improving their camera hardware and software.

Instead of added more megapixels, Apple put their effort differently. They get back to basic and understand the fundamental to produce a good photo. They have hundreds of engineers focusing on just their camera components. People never love more their iPhone 6 camera. In 2015, iPhone topping up the chart by being the popular device being used to upload photos to Flickr.

(via 9to5Mac)

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