Upcoming Facebook Live Feature Will Enable Two People Collaborate Each Other

Facebook is providing a platform where two people can broadcast on Live. Currently, Live only allow one person to broadcast their activities. With this new feature, one person can invite another person to join him or her in Live. It is a cool feature. For the beginning, Facebook will only open it for verified Facebook accounts. It is expected this new feature will be available worldwide by October or November 2016.

In June, we announced that we would soon enable people using Facebook Live to invite another person on Facebook to join their live video, broadcasting together and sharing the screen. We are now starting to roll out this new capability, starting with a small number of public figures and Pages. In the coming months, we will continue to make this more broadly available to people, public figures, and Pages using Facebook Live. We believe this will make broadcasts more fun and interactive and open up new possibilities for Live.

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(via TheNextWeb)

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