Twitter Not Interested In Buy Medium For $500 Million

Twitter is not interested in buying Medium for $500 million. Evan Williams, who found persuade the Twitter’s board to buy his online publishing startup but failed to convince them. Under the old new CEO, Jack Dorsey need to revive back the company after they struggle to compete with other social media startup. Facebook previous tried to buy Twitter twice but failed. So, they develop their Facebook live news and compete with Twitter.

ev-williams is an online publishing startup provide a platform for others to write and share their experiences. Compare to a personal blog; readers can follow their favorite writers or channels. I love reading Back Channel on Medium because it provides insiders view in the tech world. Maybe some other companies would acquire Medium later on, but I could imagine if Twitter ever acquires Medium, it will be meaningful for people who want to read a long article on a Twitter’s iOS app. Both may run as separate entities but well integrated for better reading experience.


(via NYPost)

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