Twitter Co-Founder Relaunched Search Engine App Called Jelly

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunched his search engine called Jelly. Jelly is a revamped product, and its new service is to allow people to ask a question and it will return answer in 10 to 15 minutes. All the questions will be handled by human and in future, Stone imagine their system able to solve it instantly.

We’re doing what we set out to do originally. We didn’t let ourselves get talked into doing something else

Instead of categorized their app as a question and answer app, Biz Stone said Jelly app is a search engine.

That 10 to 15 minutes is time we’re giving back to you. Web search engines brag about ‘hey, we gave you 100 million results in .35 seconds!’ But you still have to look through those results to find some semblance of an answer that satisfies you


(via Recode)

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