Tutorial Repost Twitter Tweet To Facebook Page With No Plugin Required

This a quick tutorial repost twitter tweet to Facebook page with no plugin required which I used for this website.

1) Before you proceed, please register your Twitter and Facebook account. For Facebook, you have already know how to create a Facebook Page (Facebook Page is different from Facebook Profile). If you do, on different tab, login to your Facebook.

2) Create a new tab browser and go to¬†https://twitter.com/settings/applications and click “Connect to Facebook”

02 - Connect to Facebook

3) Status connection will appear as follow. Click on “Allow” posting to one of your page.

03 - Click Allow

4) If you have created a Facebook page, it will appear part of the drop the down list

04 - Choose Facebook Page

5) For me, I don’t want to post on my profile page. If you want the same setting, untick the “post to my Facebook profile”

05 - Untick post to facebooj profile

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