Tim Cook Will Be Put Behind Bar If Request to Unlock iPhone From Florida Denied

A Florida county sheriff, Grady Judd said he will arrest Apple CEO if Apple resisted unlocking any iPhone under his county in future. The statement came out during a press conference on Wednesday regarding their recent murder case.

You cannot create a business model to go, ‘We’re not paying attention to the federal judge or the state judge. You see, we’re above the law. The CEO of Apple needs to know he’s not above the law, and neither is anybody else in the United States. But believe you me, if I get a toe hold in this county and I can get the state attorney’s office to prosecute, and a judge to back us up with it, I’ll lock the rascal up

As usual, Apple has no comment, and it is believed their 500 in-house lawyers are already looking into this matter.

grady judd

(via ArsTechnica and PatentlyApple)

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