This Samsung Ads Is Much Better Than Apple Latest Commercial

I usually hate commercial video made by Samsung because it is hard to understand what they are trying to sell. They usually try to show they are better than Apple with all the futuristic features that only selected people to know how to optimize it for daily usage.

But this new commercial from Samsung Malaysia got my attention. It is a story about a family who have a normal conversation in a messaging group. Instead of focusing on their problem, the commercial starts with a mom and a sister are happily taking and share pictures.

Samsung Malaysia Ads - 2

The conflict begins when her brother happily joins the conversation but later ruined by old stories. The dad saves the day when he records a voice message saying it would be sad if one of his son or daughter left them. Things get better when the elder brother ask for forgiveness to the younger brother. Although the name of the advertisement is weird (you can just call it as “silaturahim”), the content is far much better than usual.

In my opinion, it is much better than the “iPhone 6s – Onions” from Apple.

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