Think Different Campaign Will Be Back Bigger Than Ever

Think Different campaign was used in 1997 to persuade people to buy a Macintosh instead of PC. During that time, PC makers are at the top of the wheel while Apple, on the hand, almost loose all its money. The campaign was a success for Apple. But it has not been used since 2002.

Apple Think Different Billboard

It is believed Apple want to bring back the slogan but instead of focusing on Mac computers, the new Think Different campaign will be bigger than ever. Patently Apple reported the company has filing to expand their trademark in Europe to cover seven new product classes.

Apple’s International Classes for ‘Think Different’ have greatly expanded from one class to eight. The classes now cover Apple Watch (Horological and chronometric instruments; watches), Apple Pay (financial services); Apple Pencil, iPad, (computers, stylus), games, business management, subscription services, telecommunications, broadcasting, music, television, educational services and Siri (maintenance of proprietary computer software in the field of natural language, speech, speaker, language, voice recognition, and voice-print recognition)

Richard Dreyfuss narrated the original Think Different commercial. The same ads have a second version which Chiat\Day, the advertising agency, want to use Steve Jobs’s voice as the narrator. To get Steve Jobs to the recording session is a challenge too because Steve Jobs himself thought it was a horrible idea. Maybe in the new campaign, they will use Steve Jobs voice?

Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”


(via 9to5Mac)

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