Steve Wozniak Said Apple Will Keep Innovating For The Next 200 Years

Steve Wozniak said Apple is on the right track shaping the future of innovation and new technology. He also said Apple will keep innovating for the next 200 years and failure is part of the process. The new statement which came from one of the among respected people in the tech industry will help to catalyse the spirit among engineers in Apple.

Apple is in great shape to innovate for the next 200 years, just with their cash (totaling $216 billion). That buys a lot of failure. One of the things about innovation is you have to risk failure.

Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple also known for his honest opinion. Wozniak also said he does not believe Apple loose its magic touch since the death of Steve Jobs.

Ever since starting Apple, I have had the mentality that you should make a profit,” Wozniak said. “That was Steve Jobs’ big role (at Apple). He believed you start a company to make a profit because that is the only way you are going to go on to build other great things.

So far, Tim Cook has done such a great job taking responsibility as Apple’s chief. Although his style is different from the late Steve Jobs, Tim Cook successfully expands their business. In the most recent news, Apple is going into India by opening up their very own Apple Store and they will also have a new offshore office in Hyderabad with $25 million of investment.


(via NYPost)

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