SpaceX Will Launch 12,000 Satellites Which Will Brings Internet To Any Place On Earth

Getting a satellite up to the Earth orbit is expensive because the rocket itself cause hundred millions of dollars for each launch. But since the SpaceX have successfully launched their Falcon Heavy mission, it is more cheaper for human to use the reusable rocket.


SpaceX long term mission is to setup a new colony on Mars but they also have another mission which is to create satellite Internet. To setup an Internet it require a lot of relay devices. Google have tried to bring the Internet by funding Project Loon while the Facebook with their drone internet. But all these initiative have its own technical limitation.

SpaceX, on the other hand, is about to launch two from its 12,000 satellites that will orbit and sychronized above the Earth. The system called Starlink is about to make $30 billion in revenue with 40 million subscribers by 2025. It will be a big money maker for SpaceX which is a private company own by Elon Musk.

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