Short Things to Know About Apple Watch Including Accessories and New Apps

Apple Watch have been up for sale through out major city in the world. When it first available for customers in Australia (timezone), there is a long queue where people are eagerly to try the Apple Watch themselves.

apple watch long queue

Apple Watch is said to be the next best thing from Apple (they still care about their other products like the new Macbook as a sign and hint for future laptop from Apple). Although there are other company like Samsung Gear and LG G-Watch producing smart watch, it does not have big impact as Apple does.


Apple is serious about their Apple Watch while others may just want to be the first who sell smart watch. Apple have spent over $38 millions for advertising alone. It remember me to the first iPod. Although Apple is not the first company producing MP3 player but they have done things making sure listeners are easy to buy and transport songs from their PC. They provide a complete ecosystem.

apple watch sizes

Apple Watch available in 3 options; Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. All options are available in 38 mm and 42 mm. The different between the 3 options is its case and band.


For Apple Watch Sports, its unibody design were made from aluminium and have a sport band (rubber like). On the other hand, the Apple Watch case were made from stainless steel (also available in space black stainless steel) and have a varieties of band like regular watches that we used to know.

apple watch edition display


While the Apple Watch Edition is said to be the most expensive among Apple Watch. It were made from 18-Carat gold and available in 2 types; 18-Carat Yellow Gold and 18-Carat Rose Gold. Some of lucky customers have already tried the new Apple Watch Edition and share their experience. Plus, if you bought an Apple Watch Edition. you will get a certificate.

apple watch edition certificate

Due to the Apple’s innovation on magnetic charging point for the Apple Watch, third party accessories have already producing a list of options available for Apple Watch users to charge their watch with style. Apple Watch is said can last up to one day. And when reach home, you can put it on a dock and start charging it for the next day. Most dock have been made with charging cable slots. There different types of stands available but i would prefer something that have a leather/ rubber to protect the back of Apple Watch from scratch. Details for each docks are available here in 9to5Mac.


Apple Watch have received warm response from apps developers. Although there a lot of constraint which limited the usage of SDK in WatchKit, it does not stop them to deliver and extend their existing apps to Apple Watch. Some of my favourite publisher and apps developer have already made their apps to be extended to Apple Watch:

You can view a complete lists of apps available for your soon to arrived Apple Watch at 9to5Mac

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