Rich People Buy iPhone? Less Rich Prefer Android?

Rich people buy iPhone? Less rich prefer Android? Based on a new report, it is believe the statement is true. Android product provide more varieties for people to choose. You may have your own Android phones that cost less that $50. And users can have basic features for every smartphone users need. In India and Egypt, the market share for Android phone is 88.71 and 92.25 percent. For such population, it is a big achievement for Android. But India is at 142nd place in GDP per capita and Egypt is at 120th place.


On the other hand, iOS seems to dominate market that have highest ranking in GDP per capita. For example, in Taiwan, they ranked at 35th place but the Android market is only 20.14 percent. Followed by Norway which is at 2nd place GDP per capita hold less than 32 percent for Android share. Android dominates 61.8 percent share in smartphone segment but the percentage is not a big deal for Apple as long as their yearly sales have a positive indication.

(Source TheRegister via CultOfAndroid)


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