Reinvent Macintosh With Todays Technology

Macintosh or Mac is a personal computer series have been launched by Apple in 1984. It provide a friendly user interface for desktop publishing. Macintosh aim to beat big giant company at that time like the IBM. Apple want each houses have their own personal desktop. With Apple Mac, all electronic circuit are simplified yet able to provide powerful features. This is what consumers want and they able to provide it.

reimagine-macintosh 4

But what if the same iconic Macintosh design being interpret and useĀ current technology? What it will looks like? Guys at Curved have done it perfectly. At first glance you will notice that it is a Macintosh. The Macintosh concept will be connected to Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Wireless Mouse. It will be fitted with 11 inch Macbook Air screen with 8 GB memory (but please .. no touch screen) and 128 GB SSD storage. It maybe powered by the i7 cpu.

reimagine-macintosh 2

At front, the floppy disk will be replaced with SD card slot and its USB and Lightning port can be found on its back. Maybe Apple consider built a limited edition of the Macintosh in near future. What do you guys think?


(Source: Curved via CultofMac)

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