Read This Before You Purchase A New 12 Inch Macbook

If you want to purchase a new 12 inch Macbook, you might want to hold it for a short while. It is because Intel’s Skylake processor “Y” series is said to be appropriate for the 12 inch Retina Macbook. It will be 17% faster CPU performance, up to 41% faster Intel HD graphics and 1.4 hours longer battery life compare to current Core M generation.


Under the new Core M architecture, Intel might brand its Skylake-Y series as Core m3, Core m5 and Core m7 based on its performance. Core M is a new low powered processor that enable companies like Apple and Google produce a fanless laptop but at the same time able to provide competitive performance.


The new generation Core M series are said capable to turbo boost the CPU while using only 7 watt. It is expected Apple will introduce new updates for the 12 inch Macbook on 9th September 2015 with more powerful capabilities and better battery life.


(via MacRumors)

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