Reactions to Apple’s New MacBook Pro

There mix acceptance for the new MacBook Pro. In my opinion, I do like the start button with Touch ID, but I don’t think I need the Magic Toolbar because I can work productively using the Magic Trackpad. Instead of introducing the Magic Toolbar, it would be better if Apple reinvents a better Magic Trackpad (with OLED screen?).

2017 MacBook Pro - 1.jpg

Other than that, I do hate when Apple removed the backlit logo behind the screen and the MagSafe. It is like having a 12-inch MacBook. Does the current 12-inch MacBook have a good sales figure? 

I guess Apple will start removing all other ports on the next generation Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Nowadays, Apple tries to be innovative by introducing new technology and features, but they do not replace it with something better.


On the other hands, Apple presentation is more towards to show off technical improvement and they staged demos which may not apply to the real world. Microsoft, Google and Facebook presentation on products introduction are far much better than Apple. Current Apple is like Microsoft under Steve Ballmer. It is bad for long term performance.

Only time will determine whether their decision is right. When the power users start leaving Apple ecosystem, it will be too late for them to recover.

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