Thanks to Siri, A Grateful Father Sent Open Letter To Apple

The story begins when his son involved in a car accident and unable to remember his number to contact him. Thanks to Apple, although the iPhone was broken into pieces, Siri is still working and the iPhone able to make a call to him.

Earlier this evening I got a call from my son, I could hear voices in the background so I just thought he had butt dialed me. I called back, planning to ask my son what his butt wanted. No answer. Strange. A few minutes later he called again. He couldn’t hear me, but I could hear him. He said ‘I’m not sure if you can hear me, but I’m at Kennestone Hospital ER.’ He repeated that several times and eventually the call ended. I called the ER and eventually found out he was in a car accident… He sounded OK on the phone, so I knew it wasn’t TOO bad.

We got to the hospital to find him with 10+ stitches in his face. He looked pretty bad, but was OK. Then he gave us the rest of the story. His phone was smashed. The screen wasn’t even attached to the iPhone. When he was at the hospital, he couldn’t remember my phone number, or anyones number really. He was trying to figure how how to contact someone… anyone. He grabbed the phone with no screen, then he pressed the home button. He felt it try to vibrate and just said ‘Call Dad.’

After what seemed like minutes, he heard ‘Calling Dad.’ Siri never sounded so good. That is the call I got where I could hear him. Siri worked. The iPhone microphone worked. Amazing

Despite some rough period for Apple, this story might inspire them to make better products in the future.


(via MacDailyNews, Medium)

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