Official BlackBerry Twitter Accidentally Sent Tweet from an iPhone

BlackBerry Classic is one of the best new product from BlackBerry. It combined a useful keyboard and large screen with a nice design device. Although it might not a great to play games but it sure able to work efficiently to read and reply email and messages.

Unfortunately, to promote their new device, they accidentally tweet “Keep up with conversation” with a picture of BlackBerry Classic while open up their Twitter Apps. It would be nice if that tweet came from a BlackBerry device.

People do mistakes. BlackBerry have deleted its tweet. On positive side, we know that they still use other phones maybe as a benchmark for their new software and devices. Also, with this viral news, people still know that BlackBerry is still exist and there are making new product like the BlackBerry Classic.

(Source: TheVerge)

Just in case you wondering how the new BlackBerry Classic looks like:-


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