Next Generation Apple TV Will Combines Features From Google Home and Amazon Echo?

Amazon released their Amazon Echo smart assistant, and it helps them to drive sales of Amazon services. It makes Google join the bandwagon by releasing their Google Home on their last 2016 Google I/O. Instead of leveraging on Android operating system, Google wants to control the connectivity between Google and customers.


Now, it is said Apple is also working to upgrade Siri which allows it receives more command and interacts with users. It is expected Apple will introduce their new smart assistant in the next WWDC. It is unknown whether Apple will upgrade their Apple TV or introduce new accessories to be connected to Apple TV or they will introduce a totally new device for the smart assistant.


Currently, Apple TV able to capture commands from the remote control but it may be not as convenience as Amazon Echo and Google Home which allow people to ‘talk’ to the devices. It is also possible Apple will combine their HomeKit, Apple Music, HealthCare and Siri as a new product or embed it into existing products like iPhone, iPod, Macbook, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Amazon Echo:

Google Home:

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