New Malware On Android Able To Steal Your Data Silently

New malware on Android able to steal your data silently through infected MMS message or video. Mobile security researchers at Zimperium claim that they have discovered the worst Android vulnerability in mobile operating system history.


The malware will activate codes which allow the attackers to control infected Android devices. The attackers able to copy data, taking over microphone and camera. Google have aware this issue and have flag it as high priority. Google will push update to patch this vulnerability.

The bad guy creates a short video, hides the malware inside it and texts it to your number. As soon as it’s received by the phone, Drake says, “it does its initial processing, which triggers the vulnerability.”

The messaging app Hangouts instantly processes videos, to keep them ready in the phone’s gallery. That way the user doesn’t have to waste time looking. But, Drake says, this setup invites the malware right in


But not everybody will received the patch instantly. Since Android is an open source operating system and it have different customize version for each manufacturers, Android users will be exposed and nothing can be done to protect them.

(via 9t05Google)


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