New Leaked iPhone SE Components Shows No 3D Touch Screen

As expected, this new leaked iPhone SE components shows no 3D Touchscreen for Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone. Instead, it will use a 2.5D cover glass which has similarity to the iPhone 6. It is because 3D Touchscreen is expensive and regular people can live without it. An earlier report said the new iPhone SE will be powered by Apple A9 processor, a new generation 12-megapixel rear-facing camera (more than expected), NFC to support Apple Pay and Touch ID.

iphone-se-display-assembly-01 iphone-se-display-assembly-02

The A9 processor is the same processor found in current iPhone 6S which helps to process HD photo and video smoothly, and it will also come ‘Hey Siri’ feature. It is believed the new iPhone 4-inch will be available between $400 to $500. It is cheap but not that cheap. Although a new 4-inch iPhone is coming out with better specs, people may grab the iPhone 5S with 50 percent discount and it is suitable for entry level user. If you want to buy an iPhone, wait until March 21st. You might save a lot of your money.


(via RedmondPie, 9to5Mac, AppleInsider)

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