New Leaked iPhone 6s Will Be Thicker With Force Touch Display and Better Design Antenna

It is believe that the new iPhone 6s will be thicker with force touch display. The increase of thickness is not due to the new force touch display but it is to avoid the iPhone 6s being use in ‘bendgate’ scandal again. The 6.9 mm on current iPhone 6 is said to be increased to 7.1 mm and it is possible the protruding camera problem will be disappear. While for the iPhone 6s Plus it will be increased from 7.1 mm to 7.3 mm excluding the protruding camera.

CAD iPhone 6s front
CAD iPhone 6s front
CAD iPhone 6s plus front
iPhone 6s Plus front
CAD iPhone 6s rear
CAD iPhone 6s rear
CAD iPhone 6s plus rear
iPhone 6s Plus rear

Based on the new leaked iPhone 6s and 6s Plus from the Uswitch, it is also believe both new iPhone 6s will have a better design antenna although some other leaked photos may reject the claim. If Apple have redesigned the antenna, it would be good news. The leaked video was sent from Apple to third party case manufacturers to provide a compatible casing for the new iPhone 6s.

CAD iPhone 6s side
iPhone 6s side
CAD iPhone 6s plus side
iPhone 6s Plus side

A force touch display is a new feature introduced in the 12 inch Macbook and Apple Watch. The technology able to measure whether it is a tap or harder presses and Apple is said to bring the technology for their new iPhone 6s too. Digitimes reported that the touch panel supply chains have begin shipments in June and stepped up its delivery in July 2015 to support the production of the new iPhone 6s.


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