Microsoft New Ads Series Are Terrified

Microsoft new ads campaigns are terrified for those who afraid of bugs or insects. They try to be funny with their new ads when they released several new commercial videos highlights things Macs cannot do. At first, when I saw the title “Windows 10: Meet The Bug Chicks”, I thought the video is about Windows 10 trying to say their new operating system has less bug. Instead, they are talking about living bugs and insects.

Windows 10 The Bug Chicks - 1

As far as I know, people are mostly afraid to touch or hold bugs or insects because some of them are dangerous. I was terrified the actress will get bitten by the bugs or insects. I lose my focus on the product Microsoft trying to sell.

Maybe it is their attempt to take revenge on the successful campaign “Mac vs. PC” by Apple. I include top 10 best “Mac vs. PC” commercial at the end of this page for you to compare. If Microsoft wants to showcase their products, they might show a teacher using a Surface Pro to teach kids at school, and she asks one of her students to answer a questioned and the student able to respond to the question correctly.

Series of Microsoft New Commercial Highlights Things Macs Cannot Do

Top 10 Mac vs. PC Campaign by Apple

(via TheVerge)


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