Microsoft HoloLens To Transform The Way We Know Computers … And MineCraft Too?

Microsoft secretly develop their new technology called the HaloLens. HaloLens is targetting to improved the way we used our computers, tablets and smart phones. With wearing a special device, like a Goggle, it can simulate a new world. It is believe they used technology from augmented reality but with improvement technology.

Microsoft HaloLens Weather Apps 2


From the promo, Microsoft imagine their product will impact every aspect of people’s life. The HaloLens will debut with Windows 10 launch later this year and let see how things goes.

Microsoft HaloLens Weather Apps

Since Microsoft already bought MineCraft, there are scenes what MineCraft could be in the future with the integration of XBox One or Windows 10.

Microsoft HaloLens MineCraft

Other than Microsoft, many other people have tried to develop Virtual Reality environment but they unable to totally eliminate nausea while wearing it.



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