Microsoft and Volvo Shows Possible Future for HoloLens

Microsoft and Volvo shows possible future for HoloLens. HoloLens is a platform promoting virtual reality from Microsoft. In their latest partnership with Volvo, Microsoft shows how the technology able to help Volvo (and other car manufacturers) at the early stage of development process.

Volvo Microsoft HoloLens - 2

“We are thrilled to be working with Volvo Cars to reimagine what is possible in car design, discovery and purchasing. We are excited to be at this intersection of technology and human-centric design with Volvo.” – said Scott Erickson, Senior Director, Microsoft HoloLens at Microsoft

Volvo on the other hand were known for its focus and continuous efforts to provide a safe vehicle not just for the driver and passengers but also for pedestrians.  Any tools that can help them to realize their mission are warmly welcome. With HoloLens, it helps Volvo to do varieties of simulation and also get better engagement from buyers.

Volvo Microsoft HoloLens - 5

Volvo Microsoft HoloLens - 1 Volvo Microsoft HoloLens - 3

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