Mercedes Benz Home Battery is The Answer for Tesla Powerwall

Mercedes Benz Home Battery is the answer for Tesla Powerwall. Founded in 2009, a research firm called Deutsche ACCUmotive were an energy research firm founded by Daimler. Like the Tesla Powerwall, the Mercedes Benz Home Battery capable to store power from solar panels and plug to the home grid to charge electric car.

Merecedes Benz Home Battery from top

The following promotion text was translated through Google Translate from their website

“With the Mercedes-Benz energy storage we start with full power into the future . It represents a resource-efficient and safe approach to store electricity from renewable energy sources efficiently . Just as the invention of the automobile has contributed significantly to more freedom and independence , and the Mercedes-Benz energy storage will make an important contribution to increased independence in energy supplies . Households can use our model ” Home ” increase their own consumption and thus give their personal energy transition a boost . Retail chains , commercial and agricultural enterprises will help our model ” Business ” , optimally compensate for the sometimes high fluctuations in consumption and thus reduce energy costs . And energy providers we enter with the Mercedes-Benz energy storage a powerful tool on ” energy efficiency ” , ” smart home” and ” Green Power ” by the hand .”

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