A Man Survived From Second Heart Attack Thanks To His Apple Watch

It starts like an ordinary day for Dennis Anselmo and usually his pulse is around 50. But on that day, after taking his launch and continue his work, he felt something unusual. At first, he thought he had the flu but when he look at his Apple Watch, the reading shows his pulse at 210. He asked his helper to call an ambulance, and they took him to the nearest hospital. After the hospital clears up blockages, the doctor said he had a heart attack. Luckily he had anApple Watch to show his current pulse. Without Apple Watch, he might go to sleep while trying to get a rest and if he does, a second heart attack might claim for his life.

I turned to my helper and said: We need an ambulance. They came out, figured out I was having a heart attack and I was off to hospital. They cleared the blockages so I didn’t have another attack. They told me that if I had gone home and gone to bed – as many people do – I would likely have had another, more serious bout in the middle of the night. Those second attacks are the ones that kill. That is a common problem

dennis anselmo

(via The Sun UK)

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