macOS Sierra Beta Hints Touch ID and OLED Touch Bar

Previously, rumors say the new generation MacBook will feature OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID. In the latest news, sections of codes related to these functions appear in the macOS Sierra Beta. Some suggest it will be part of the upcoming MacBooks, but other are saying Apple might just testing the technology, and the codes might be removed if it is not yet ready.

macbook oled render - 1

Apple developers who were testing the macOS Sierra found kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb, kHIDUsage_LED, kHIDUsage_LED_NightMode and kIOHIDBiometric which hints OLED Touch Bar and biometric features.

macbook oled render - 3

Apple engineers might be working on a new generation MacBook, which could be entirely different from the current model. But it does not guarantee it will be part of the next released. If they want to introduce a Touch ID on a MacBook, they should find a convenient way for users to use it.

(via TheVerge, 9to5Mac)

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