Limited Edition Apple AirPods Retro From ColorWare #Apple #AirPods #ColorWare

ColorWare returns to bring back memories for those who used to own the original Macintosh. After came out with a Limited Edition Macbook Air, 12-inch Macbook, iMac, Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, they continue to complete their Retro product series with an AirPods.

This AirPods Retro is special because the external casing is painted in a matte finish complete with air vents replica and multi colors button inspired from the original Apple logo. Both AirPods also been finished in a beige matte color. It is amazing to see the precision of their paint jobs.

This is AirPods does not come cheap. It cost $399 for a limited time only. Those who interested to get one can visit their website by clicking here. 

AirPods Retro - 1

Back in the 80’s the multi colors Apple logo is not representing LGBT movement. But it is a proud symbol for Apple to be able to produce a monitor with colored system at that time.




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