Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Photos Shows A Headphone Jack

Samsung and Apple will come out with all new smartphones this year. As usual, Samsung is expected to come out with a competitive product to beat the new generation iPhone. Previously, Samsung has recalled back the Galaxy Note 7 and retrieved back from the market after the phone triggered fires. They have identified the issue but they lost the opportunity to compete with the iPhone 7 models.

These latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked photo suggest a sleek design from them. It shows Samsung is working hard to minimize the edges at the bottom and the top section with no visibility of physical home button. At the back of the phone, there is a fingerprint sensor which is use to unlock the phone. Although it looks thin, one of the photos shows a headphone jack has located the bottom of the phone.

If the leaked photo of the  Galaxy S8 prototype is true, it will help them to compete with the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is says will have a huge leap in terms of its design and specs compared to the current iPhone 7. The current iPhone 7 is already using a taptic home button instead of a normal physical home button.

(via Forbes, ArsTechnica)

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