Latest Possible Design for The Upcoming 4-Inch iPhone SE

Based on leaked schematic design on the upcoming 4-inch iPhone, Curved Labs has come out with a possible design for the new iPhone SE. The mockup design and style seems inspired by current iPhone 6 series and iPhone 5S. The new 4-inch iPhone is part of Apple strategy to serve those who says 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone is too big for them to hold.


Apple is expected to sell the iPhone SE with a price tag of $500, and they will give 50 percent discount for current iPhone 5S. The new iPhone SE will not feature a 3D Touch display to save its total cost. But it does come with NFC and Touch ID to support Apple Pay. Other than that, some rumors said the iPhone SE will have the same internal hardware specs found in current iPhone 6S with a 12-megapixel camera.


On the other hand, people are saying iPhone 5C is a failure, but I witnessed a dad gave his teenage son an iPhone 5C 16GB as a present when an iPhone 6 was introduced into the market. Although it is not the latest model, his son looks so happy holding an Apple device in his hand because not everyone wants iPhone with all those fancy features yet. If Apple can capture this market during the downturn demand for new smartphone, it will help Apple to growth.


(via MacRumors and AppleInsider)

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