Latest Leaked Photo of the 4-inch iPhone 5SE/ iPhone 6C

A new photo leaked online claim to be the upcoming 4-inch iPhone 5SE/ iPhone 6C. The shot taken next to an iPhone 5, and it shows it has the same 4-inch display found in iPhone 5 but with Touch ID. But could it be an iPhone 5S taken side by side with the iPhone 5? The volume button has the same design from the iPhone 6S. So, it could not be an iPhone 5S (iPhone 5S has the same design as an iPhone 5 but comes with Touch ID).

iPhone 5SE 6C.jpg

It expected Apple will launch a new 4-inch iPhone around March 2016. It also says the 4-inch iPhone will feature the same hardware specs found in iPhone 6. The name is yet to be confirmed. Some rumors said it will be called iPhone 6C, 6mini or iPhone SE (Special Edition). I, myself prefer iPhone 6 mini name. iPhone SE names could be used for something special like a retro design iPhone for the upcoming 10th years iPhone anniversary. Apple can bring back the retro style iPhone with up to date specs for the iPhone SE. If the 4-inch iPhone is call as iPhone 6 mini, Apple would have solid products lineup with iPhone 6 mini (4-inch display), iPhone 6C (for colors), iPhone 6S (4.7-inch display) and iPhone 6S Plus (5.5-inch display).


(via iClarified)

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