Jeremy Clarkson Promotes Amazon Fire TV

Jeremy Clarkson promotes Amazon Fire TV in their latest commercial released by Amazon Video UK. The 30 seconds video intelligently promotes two products from Amazon; Fire TV and Amazon streaming subscription. Early this year, Jeremy Clarkson was fired by his former employer BBC UK after he punched his producer. It cause the remaining scenes for the Top Gear episodes were canceled.

Jeremy Clarkson Promotes Fire TV - 2

Amazon look at it as opportunity for them to boost up sales for their streaming subscription and products by signing a contract with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Ricard Hammond who are all ex-Top Gear hosts. They also brought in Andy Wilman on board as producer who is also been working previously in Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson will earn £10 million a year and Amazon said the investment will worth every pennies.

Jeremy Clarkson Promotes Fire TV - 3

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