Jef Raskin The Original Macintosh Founder Died 11 Years Ago

Jef Raskin, who is the original Macintosh founder, died 11 years ago due to pancreatic cancer. He died on February 26, 2005, at the age of 61. Raskin recognized for his expertise in the user interface. He began working on the original Mac since 1979. His original concept for Mac is different from Steve Jobs. He imagines a Mac without a mouse, portable and the selling price will be at $500.


It does not take much imagination to see that a portable computer will open up entire new application areas, and once again give Apple access to a totally untapped, yet ripe, market
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Jobs saw Raskin’s goals were too modest. Steve Jobs took over the Mac project later on and forced Jef Raskin out. Jef Raskin then wrote an angry memo to Steve Jobs.

While Mr. Jobs’s stated positions on management techniques are all quite noble and worthy, in practice he is a dreadful manager … He is a prime example of a manager who takes the credit for his optimistic schedules and then blames the workers when deadlines are not met. Misses appointments … does not give credit … has favorites … and doesn’t keep promises – Jef Raskin

It believes both of them have a different vision for Mac. Raskin left the company in 1982 and Mac was launched two years after he left.

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