Is The iPhone SE Still Worth For Your Money?

There are a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone. Tim Cook blames all the rumors because it impacts sales for current iPhone. In the latest rumor, the iPhone 8 could be delayed till 2018. It is due to the major hardware upgrades which Apple is currently working on. But analyst like Ming-Chi Kuo still expects a new iPhone 7S and 7S Plus coming in September 2017.

iphone se front

So is it still worth to buy a new iPhone SE? For those who want a high-end smartphone with small screen display should not let all the rumors stop them from getting a new iPhone SE. It is because we are expecting Apple to refresh the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but not the SE model. iPhone SE is special because it has a similar design to the iPhone 5 and 5S model but it comes with hardware specs which similar to the iPhone 6S but without the 3D Touch.

The following video will explain more details whether you should get the iPhone SE or not.

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