Is Apple Joining Virtual Reality Bandwagon?

Is Apple follows other tech companies joining the virtual reality¬†bandwagon? Maybe and maybe they are not. Although in the recent news said they hired virtual reality expert Doug Bowman, he is a computer science professor with a role as director of the university’s human-computer interaction at Virginia Tech. He has focused his research on 3D user interface design and the benefits of virtual environments.

Douglas Andrew Bowman, Professor, Computer Science.
Douglas Andrew Bowman, Professor, Computer Science.

His experience is valuable in the making of HTC’s Vive, Google Cardboard and augmented reality used in Google Glass. Apple has several patents related to virtual reality environment. But will Apple ever come out with their device or will they leverage on existing iPhone? Previously, Apple also received patent related to 3D Touch human interaction over the air. Apple may use in their future Mac and Apple product. If it is part of their plan, Doug expertise will be helpful for Apple.

apple vr set(via 9to5Mac)

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