Before iPhone Made In USA Come True, iPhone Will Be Made In India

In the latest financial reports, Apple breaks the record by having more iPhone sold than ever before. The company took $78.4 billion in revenue and sold 78 million iPhones. There are strong demands for the larger iPhone and Apple have higher margins on those models.

A lot of people still unable to see the future product for Apple but as what Guy Kawasaki said: “As long as you make money, everyone will be happy”. To show its positive growth, Apple is looking for new market and India is the best place for Apple to expand their businesses.

It is reported Apple had already started initial manufacturing in Bengaluru and Wistron Corp from Taiwan will help Apple to realize its mission. It is still unknown which iPhone models will be made for the local market but it is expected the iPhone 6s and SE model would be a great product for India.

With Apple product being made locally, people in India will gain benefits with 12 percent cheaper price compared to the imported iPhone. On the other hand, the Government of India also will gains benefits since more workers are needed to run the factory soon and it will help to synergies the economy in India.

(via Apple Insider, The Verge)

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