iPhone 7 and iOS10 Concept

IPhone-Tricks.com uploads this iPhone 7 concept, and it might not have a chance to see the daylight. It features some of the things which quite impossible for Apple to introduce in the next eight month for both hardware and software. OLED display and borderless screen with an integrated home button are like a dream come true if they ever make it for the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Concept - 4

Other than that, the iOS10 with widget found in Android is not a favorite feature from Apple since they once told that if a feature has a potential to make an iOS unstable though it is helpful, they will not deliver it. Maybe, instead of a shortcut, they can open up a widget like Peek feature on 3D Touchscreen. We like the Home button on gesture control which makes it easier for user who use 5.5-inch iPhone. It is an excellent concept to explore.

iPhone 7 Concept - 3 iPhone 7 Concept - 1

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