iPhone 7 Headphone Adapter Named As One of The Ugliest Tech Product For 2016

It is just an adapter to ease the transition for users who require the headphone jack while using their new iPhone 7. But TheNextWeb has included it as one of the ugliest tech product in 2016. They said the design is okay, but its existence is the main reason the poor adapter is on their list. For me, I do not have any problem with that. The new iPhone 7 brought a controversy for users. It is because Apple had the headphone jack removed from the device.


As part of the transition period, Apple had provided an adapter for the headphone jack in every iPhone 7 shipment. The adapter will be connected to the lightning port. But there are another group of users say Apple should not provide the adapter. Users should be forced to use new technology to ensure the shifting process is successful. If Apple could provide an AirPods for each new iPhone by replacing the current EarPods, I think their effort to promote wireless connectivity could result in higher impact.




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