iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 May Hit Apple Store on March 18 2016

The long rumor 4-inch iPhone 5SE and upgraded iPad Air 3 may hit Apple Store on March 18, 2016. Latest rumor says Apple will announce both new products on March 15, and it will be ready on Apple Store on March 18. Usually, Apple will offer pre-order for iPhone and iPad Air but this time, it is said Apple will start selling it right away.


iPhone 5SE with a 4-inch display has waited for users who want smaller screen iPhone but with better hardware specs than the iPhone 5S. It said the iPhone 5SE is a smaller scale iPhone 6S with A9 and M9 processor, NFC chip to support Apple Pay, better camera, and always-on Siri feature.


The iPad Air 3 will have better audio quality up to iPad Pro levels, Smart Connector for fast attaching accessories and better hardware specs. It is  for those who want a better iPad but not as high specs as iPad Pro.

(via MacWorld)

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