iOS10 Beta Hints Dark Mode Is Coming?

Apple users are so happy because they might get a Dark Mode interface in the upcoming iOS10. The Dark Mode interface for iOS10 might have a switch on/ off button, or the environment can be set automatically like what they have implemented in the iBooks app. A developer has successfully turned on the iOS10 Dark Mode environment through an iOS10 emulator, and he has posted the result as follow.

iOS10 Dark Mode - 1

Another user also notices there is an empty 6th button on its iOS10 emulator Control Center. It hints the button might be a switch to turn on/off or enable the Dark Mode.

6th empthy button


Android users must be laughing at Apple users right now because they already have it for a long time ago. But it is better than never. Maybe Apple should consider the Dark Mode feature for tvOS too?

(via AppleInsider, 9to5Mac)

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