iFixit Teardown Revealed Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, Oximeter

iFixit have got their new Apple Watch and it revealed that the new Apple Watch have an taptic engine and digital is just under the smart watch screen. The tear down process also compare between current mechanical watch and  Apple Watch.

iFixit Apple Watch Sport Teardown comparison normal and smartwatch

iFixit also discovered that current tools used to repair mechanical watch was irrelevant to repair the Apple Watch. It need a special tools and an expert skills to it.

iFixit Apple Watch Sport Teardown battery

During the tear down process, iFixit also found a sensor which is not used by Apple yet. It is an oximeter which can read and calculate the oxygen content in your blood. Apple may not received approval yet from the authority to unlock the feature. Currently, Apple have lock down the features maybe it will be unlock under operating system upgrade in future release.

iFixit Apple Watch Sport Teardown Oximeter

Full iFixit video can be seen on their websites:-

Apple Watch Teardown

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