Handmade Macintosh 128k Replica Cost $14,999

This handmade Macintosh 128k replica is being built by Love Hulten. He is a Swedish designer and craftsman who love combining traditional artisan knowledge with modern technology. And this Macintosh 128k replica which $14,999.00 on eBay is one of the examples.

Macintosh 128k Replica Golden Apple - 1

This Macintosh 128k replica was named as The Golden Apple and being made with American walnut wood. Although it is a replica, all measurements follow the original Macintosh 128k. The floppy disk drive is being replaced by a DVD drive, wireless mouse and the keyboard is connected via USB (the golden plate key caps are made from zink).  The craftsmanship is perfect.

Macintosh 128k Replica Golden Apple - 6

I don’t know which OSX version is used to run this handmade Macintosh 128k but it is a lot of money for a replica. It would be great if this Macintosh is running the original Macintosh operating system or, at least, source it from the latest Mac Mini.

Macintosh 128k Replica Golden Apple - 5Macintosh 128k Replica Golden Apple - 3Macintosh 128k Replica Golden Apple - 4Macintosh 128k Replica Golden Apple - 7

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