Google Patented Augmented Reality for Books

Google being awarded patents enhancing experience reading books in near future. Google calls the new invention is “Story Telling Device” or “Interactive Book”. Instead of making a regular pop-up book, Google outfits a physical book with page sensors, touch sensors, and motion sensors. It will capture reader’s movements and project augmented reality elements over the page like a pop-up book. The virtual components possible to be visualized through Google Glass or a dedicated app on a smartphone.

Google Patented Augmented Reality for Books - 2

They also have filed a patent on the image effect while turning the books.Other than imaginary augmented reality elements, Google also has filed a patent on a small speaker used in the interactive book. So, you will experience something like a regular pop-up book but with a better experience. With this latest patents, it is possible for Google to expand their Google Glass usage for kids at school.

Google Patented Augmented Reality for Books - 4

(via FastCompany)


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