Google Is Creating A Startup Internally But Did They Do It Correctly?

When real talents jump ship to other companies, it hints you are not taking a good care of the curious mind. Most people especially the talented people are working on the vision of their boss and not for the money. Previously, Regina Dugan, who is Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects leader move to Facebook. Other than Regina, there are also a lot of startup in Silicon Valley owns by ex-Google employees.


So, Google decided to give more space and opportunity for their staff by creating Area 120. Area 120 is a startup incubator that let their employees pursue their “20 percent project”. But to join the programme, employees have to send a business plan. If accepted, they can work on the idea for several months. (But if their idea not accepted, they will find a way to pursue their dreams)


For me, the idea encouraging their staff to pursue their dreams is great, but it seems Google have transformed themselves from a playground for hackers to a corporate company who wear colorful pants and shirt. I think many people including me admire to work with Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg is a hacker and many of talented people in Facebook is a hacker too. People want to do something that they felt it could lead to something big, and they dare to fail without wasting much time preparing a business plan.

Good luck Google.

(via Engadget)

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