#Google Executive and His XX Project

When you work with large company like Google, you will be paid up with large amount of money too. Benjamin Sloss is one of them. Previously, he had bought a Ferrari 599XX at an auction to raise funds in 2012 for Emilia earthquake.


In the latest news, Sloss’s have includes a new Ferrari FXX K in his XX Project. For this time, it is not for himself but for his wife. He bought one out of 40 units that ever made for his wife birthday’s present and it cost him around $3 million.


The Ferrari FXX K have 6.3 Liter V12 engine and electric motor. It can produce 1023 horsepower when both systems is on and able to reach 100 kmh in just 2.5 seconds.

yellow-ferrari-fxx-k ferrari-fxx-k-2

(via GTSpirit)

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