Foxconn To Expand Business In Europe

Foxconn is a well-known contractor who manufactures Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Macbook in China. Other than Apple, Foxconn also manufactured and assemble products for other big names like Nintendo, Sony, Amazon and Microsoft. With net income more than $3.6 billion in 2013, Foxconn is looking to expand their business in Europe and KKCG is their new partner in the Czech Republic. Their new investment will focus on data center and other related services.Foxconn-Logo

We are convinced that the current development in the IT sector provides new business opportunities, particularly in relation to our partners in Asia. The investment into the construction of our data center advances the portfolio of the group’s IT services one level higher. Global IT corporations as well as companies from Asia are planning to expand to Central and Eastern Europe. They will need to reinforce their IT infrastructure to support their growing business needs in the region. Services offered by SafeDX will include data center, comprehensive IT solutions, and a host of other IT services. – Martin Chládek Head of Information Technologies, KKCG

Foxconn has a long history working with the Czech Republic. In 2000, Foxconn set up its first factory in that country. Alan Macintyre CEO of Foxconn Technology in the Czech Republic said:

Foxconn’s new investment strategy focuses not only on building data centers, but also, and more importantly, on providing related services. The first data center in Prague is a pilot project, which we want to follow by an expansion throughout Europe. The services we offer are not intended for large corporations only, they’re for medium- and small-sized enterprises too.

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