Finder Quit Unexpectedly On OSX 10.10.3? These Steps May Fix It

Finder quit unexpectedly on OSX 10.10.3? These steps may fix it. I found this on OSXDaily and it might you. There are two possible ways to fix depending either your Finder is slow or completely unresponsive.


The following steps will delete your folder preferences. Remember to snap shot your Finder (if it is still operate) if it is require. No worries, it won’t wipe your entire OS X.

Delete Finder Preferences in OSX

1. Open your finder and hit Coomand + Shift + G. A box will appear and key in the following path:-


Go finder

2. Locate the file named “”. Move it to your Desktop by hitting:-

Command + C

Finder plist

3. Then on Desktop hit the following key and it will cut the plist onto your desktop:-

ALT + Command + V

4. Close the Preferences folder and Restart your Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro. The plist should be regenerate by itself again.


Fix Through Terminal OSX

This step will do the same action as above. It is the quickest way through Terminal

1. Launch Terminal by typing “Terminal” in spotlight where its icon look like a search magnifier at your most top right corner screen:-

Spotlight Icon

Launch Terminal

2. Type the following command. “mv” is mean for “move”. It will move the Finder plist to Desktop:-

mv ~/Library/Preferences/ ~/Desktop/

3. Once done, type the following command. It will restart your Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro. Using this method, it will also regenerated the plist back again

sudo shutdown -r now "Restarting Now"

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