Facebook Will Change The Reality TV Shows Through Their Live Feed On Apple TV?

The Wall Street Journal reported Facebook is developing a dedicated app for the Apple TV. It says Facebook is in talks with several companies and digital stars to provide scripted and unscripted shows. If their planning comes true, it will change the way people used to watch reality TV shows with more air time.


It is a huge move for Facebook since it will expand their audience segment and platform. With a bigger audience, it does help them to sell more advertisement. Since Facebook also owns the Instagram, it is possible for them to bring Instagram content in near future. I am sure a lot of followers will tune into the Live feed whenever they got notification from their favorite shows their favorite channels or celebrities.

mark oculus

Okay, now let’s imagine if you can have a live virtual hang out with your favorite celebrities through Oculus. Isn’t it fun? Facebook is going to change the way we used to watch TV.

(via Apple Insider )


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